About Us

Founded in 1974, Sofinnova is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical venture capital firm with approximately $1.7B under management as of December 31st, 2017. We are a passionate and committed team of MDs and PhDs that deploy human and financial capital to improve the lives of patients through science. Our mission is to provide industry leading venture returns by delivering transformative medicines to patients. We live our mission to deliver outstanding results for those we serve – patients, entrepreneurs, and the people and organizations that entrust us with their capital.

Sofinnova specializes in clinical and late preclinical investments in biopharmaceutical products. We actively partner with entrepreneurs across all stages of company formation including securing initial funding, building successful management teams, forming impactful corporate alliances, and navigating the M&A acquisition or IPOs' process. We seek to build world class companies that aspire to dramatically improve the current state of medical care today and ultimately, the lives of patients.

The History of Sofinnova Ventures

Sofinnova represents decades of active venture investing in Silicon Valley.  Our original French parent firm, Sofinnova SA, was founded in Paris in 1972, and has the distinction of being one of the earliest venture capital firms in Europe. Sofinnova started operation in the US in 1974, to build a Trans-Atlantic US-EU connection. Sofinnova SA had great success in the US, being an early investor in stellar companies such as Tandem Computers and Genentech.

Sofinnova SA initiated a new family of US venture funds in 1984, aptly described as Sofinnova Venture Partners I, II, III and more. Sofinnova invested the first three of these funds in primarily information technology, and was known as a ‘boutique French VC firm’ until the late 90s. Each of these US Sofinnova funds were raised, invested and managed independently from the funds managed and invested by Sofinnova in Paris, and both partnerships continued to be owned by Sofinnova SA until the late 90s.

In 1997 Sofinnova restructured into two independent management firms, Sofinnova Partners in Paris, and Sofinnova Ventures in San Francisco. Each firm became an independent venture capital firm with independent funds, investment strategies and partnerships. It was the vision of the partners in 1997 that each of the firms should be owned by the partners doing the investing, allowing the carried interest profits to remain with the investing professionals, aligning their interests with the Limited Partners who invest in the funds.  That said, the sister firms share deal flow, expertise and due diligence information, as well as invest together selectively on a case-by-case basis.

Since 2007, Sofinnova Ventures has been almost exclusively life science focused and funds since 2011 are 100% life science. Its 3 most recent funds, SVP VIII, SVP IX, and SVP X are exclusively life science. Their biotech focus is on drug development, mostly later stage, with an emphasis on specialty pharma, orphan drugs and rare diseases. Key therapeutic areas include: oncology, respiratory, neuro, dermatology, and areas where a primary sales force is not needed. Sofinnova Ventures has a long track record of working closely with entrepreneurs to build leading biotech companies.